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In support of our national priorities, the Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter leads programs that are designed and implemented to be transformative and address current issues, concerns, and needs that impact the African American community.


NCBW-MAC provides mentoring activities through Teens on the Move at Washington High School and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education at Brown Middle School.


NCBW-MAC hosts an annual teen summit that targets teens, adolescents and community partners. Through the summit, the chapter has raised awareness about health issues that are most prevalent in the African American community, such as childhood obesity and HIV.

Public Policy

NCBW-MAC advocates on behalf of women and children to support legislation and community education events that positively impacts issues relating to education, healthcare and economic empowerment.

Economic Empowerment

NCBW-MAC partners with the Salvation Army to provide at-risk women and domestic violence survivors with self-efficacy, job education and financial literacy training through a program called “Sisters Helping Sisters”. Illiteracy, lack of educational achievement (high school diploma/GED) and lack of employment experience are significant barriers to gainful employment, economic security, advancement and self-sufficiency. Educational programming (literacy and job readiness training) empowers adults with the knowledge and skills to advance their educational and economic status. The NCBW-MAC is empowering women of all ages by giving them the tools and the knowledge necessary for self reliance and employability..

'Teens On the Move'
Mentoring Program

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. – Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter (NCBW-MAC) leads the ‘Teens on the Move’ youth development program that assists at-risk high school girls, ages 13-18, in reaching their full potential through mentoring, field trips, life skills and self-esteem workshops as well as academic scholarships for college. Currently, there are more than 80 girls from Booker T. Washington enrolled in the program; NCBW-MAC provides scholarship support to all participants.

Teens on the Move has been a mentoring program of the NCBW-MAC for nearly twenty-five years. Our Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance to young women who show academic improvement in grades 9-12 so they can continue to pursue their education and obtain college degrees. Since 1995, the Coalition has been able to award more than 488 scholarships to young women totaling more than $795,000.

For more information about NCBW-MAC programs, please contact us.

Teen summit
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Public Policy

NCBW-MAC advocates on behalf of women and children to support legislation and community education events that positively impact issues relating to education, healthcare and economic empowerment.

STEM Partnership with Brown Middle School

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. – Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter (NCBW-MAC) is pleased to partner with Brown Middle School during the school year on the continued development of their STEM initiatives. The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. – Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter STEM program's mission is to stimulate, provide and enhance learning opportunities for young African American women in the areas science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

To address the need for more exposure and increase the awareness of professional opportunities for African- American young women in the STEM industry, NCBW-MAC would welcome the opportunity to support current STEM initiatives at Brown Middle School as well as introduce initiatives that would enhance the established curriculum.

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Sisters Helping Sisters

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter (NCBW-MAC) is committed to empowering women in ways that lead to better health and economic opportunities.

Through our work we know that women who are healthy and financially independent tend to be less vulnerable to abuse and exploitation in general. Moreover, empowered women have higher levels of self-confidence and self esteem when facing life’s obstacles.

Our core strategy for empowering women who have already experienced some of life’s most difficult challenges, NCBW-MAC implemented “Sisters Helping Sisters” through the financial support from The Allstate Foundation. Sisters Helping Sisters is an innovative financial literacy and economic empowerment initiative designed uniquely to educate women on how to take control of their personal finances as they transition out of violence. The core curriculum includes modules on: Rebuilding Finances after Domestic Violence, Banking Choices, and Budgeting Skills. Collectively, these modules build women’s basic knowledge of the impact domestic violence has on one’s finances, as well as engage them in personal financial literacy and financial management skills building. Key themes addressed include developing a savings plan, establishing a bank account, selecting personal and auto insurance, housing, debt reductions, and business planning.

Through our Empowering Women Program, "Sister Helping Sisters"(SHS), the chapter is fulfilling National's "Sister$-Nomics Financial Literacy Program" Initiative, thanks to the Allstate Foundation.

Health Program

NCBW-MAC's health-related programmatic methods of delivery, utilizes various vehicles to make real impact with African-American women in the Atlanta community. We promote health initiatives, events and activities that:

  1. encourage black women and girls to become active champions of their personal health and wellbeing; and
  2. endorse evidence-based strategies that will improve health outcomes for the African-American community.

Our Health program goal is to raise awareness about health issues that are most prevalent in the African-American community, such as breast cancer, childhood and family obesity, metabolic syndrome and HIV/AIDS.

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Our Signature Events

NCBW-MAC Signature Events allow the chapter to fundraise to support the objectives of the organization to continue educating the public through our community programs.

Gourmet Gents

The Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter launched “Gourmet Gents” in 1990 as the organization’s first annual fundraiser.

Learn more about Gourmet Gents.

People golfing for charity

'Tee Off For Teens' Annual Golf Tournament

To further our mission, one of NCBW-MAC’s most notable advancement efforts is the annual “Tee off for Teens” Golf Tournament.

Learn more about our Annual Golf Tournament.

Annual Leadership Summit

Provides training for NCBW-MAC members with two days of diverse and informative workshops and/or panel discussions, a sponsor luncheon and member induction ceremony. Proceeds from this function benefit the health initiative.

Learn more about our Annual Leadership Summit.

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Unsung Heroines

Our annual “Unsung Heroines Gala" supports Sisters Helping Sisters, our program that helps victims of domestic violence.

Learn more about our Unsung Heroines Gala.

Special & Program Events

Teen summit
Teen Summit
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Health Fairs
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